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dual self cleaning tanksWater Softener Systems

Water softeners save you money and reduce damage to your home and appliances. Soft water cleans better, safeguards your clothing in the washer, and allows your appliances to operate at their maximum efficiency.

Most water contains dissolved rock that is called hardness and is measured in grains per gallon. All of our water filtration systems remove all of this rock, leaving you with zero grain perfect water.

Patented High Tech Softeners

Our high tech softeners are our most popular systems. They do not require electricity, do not have any complicated controls or settings, and they are incredibly reliable. These systems are made with a unique two tank design which benefits you in two ways.

The first is reliability and the reason we can offer a 10 year warranty while competitors offer at most 3 years.  All water softeners have a resin tank that periodically cleans and regenerates itself. The problem with single tank systems is that during this process the system uses damaging hard water because they cannot clean and treat the water concurrently. This exposes single tank systems to damaging hard water and is the underlying reason for most water softener failure. Our two tank systems regenerate automatically one at a time. This way one tank treats the water the other uses for cleaning, thus never exposing the system to harmful hard water. This makes our systems incredibly reliable.

The second primary benefit for the two tanks is for your convenience and uninterrupted water flow. Single tank systems require you to not use water in your home while the tanks regenerate. These systems also commonly include settings, timers, and dials that can break down, need replacement or require you to monitor and set to ensure proper system function.

Our patented high tech systems are fully automatic. You never have to worry about complicated settings, controls or time schedules and with the two tanks you always have perfect water and there are no longer expensive parts that can malfunction and need replacement.

Our Smaller More Compact Series

This system is a smaller and more compact version, perfect for those that have less challenging water quality issues and as a result can use a smaller system. The Compact Series include the same non-electric dual tank design without any controls, panels, or settings that are prone to malfunction, making this system extremely reliable. The decision between the high tech softeners and the Compact Series depends on your water quality and the amount of water you use.

Our Budget Series

In some cases customers prefer a traditional system that gives them full control over settings and regeneration. This budget minded softener maintains the high standards of performance and is designed to maximize reliability without sacrificing performance. Even with its single tank and small size this unit is capable of treating an abundant amount of water to ensure that you will always have perfect water.