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Our 10 Year Warranty on all Water Softener Systems

patented dual tank systemWe offer the best warranty in the water softening business and for good reason. We welcome you to ask any questions regarding the warranty and why we feel confident our products will outperform the 10 years we guarantee them to last...

There are a lot of other companies offering crazy lifetime warranties but what does their warranty really cover? The fine print always reveals something totally different. Like what there really covering is the outer case and none of the moving parts. What I'm trying to say is because of the way water softeners operate with their mechanical moving parts, they are susceptible to rapid internal wear.

We have eliminated this issue by using a patented dual tank system to first condition the water before it hits the critical moving parts. You will find that no other system can offer this so how can our competitors truly offer any type of warranty or guarantee.

We make a good living repairing other systems that don't hold up. Our repair guys have seen all the systems, makes and models the competition has offered over the years. We do our best to explain why their softener systems break down and do our best to get them working again. The real story is the technology just isn't there for most systems to stay working long enough to get good value. The dual tank system is the only way to go because the results speak for themselves.