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Water Filters & Filtration Systems

water filtersThese filtration systems are specifically designed to meet specific water quality challenges. They are all made with our commitment to reliability with underlying engineering features that make them easy to use and worry free.

Some of these systems are stand alone solutions and others are used in conjunction with other systems to address multiple problems.

Once you have us give you a free water test we will know the underlying issues and challenges you face. Using this information we can use one or more of these systems in order to give you the freshest and purist water possible.

Macrolite® Filter
This special ceramic filter was designed through a partnership between two of the biggest water filtration research companies. It is specifically used to eliminate dissolved solids (turbidity), sediment, iron and other contaminants. The filter uses a two stage two tank system that is highly effective in clarifying your water.

Carbon Filter
This filter is used to remove any bad taste, odor, or chlorine leaving you with a fresh and clean drinking experience.

Calcite System
Many public water supplies have a acidic pH that can lead to plumbing damage and damage to your sinks, appliances, tubs, and showers. The Calcite System neutralizes the acid bringing the water to its ideal pH of 7.

Sulfur Guard™ Water Filter
When water is plagued with a foul sulfur smell it can ruin the taste of food and make drinking nauseating. This highly effective yet simple filter is the solution and stands in stark juxtaposition to competitor systems that are expensive, complex and difficult to maintain and operate.

Arsenic Guard™ Water Filter
Arsenic is a deadly poison and yet oftentimes found in many water supplies. The Arsenic Guard™ Filter removes the arsenic, leaving you with clean arsenic free water.

Chlorine Removal Filter
Chlorine affects the taste, your health, and other systems within your home. This filter is a whole house 100% removal solution that eliminates your exposure to this harmful chemical.

Chloramine Reduction System
Chloramine is used within many cities as a disinfectant that is added to the water supply and while it may disinfect the water on its travel to your home it affects taste and is an unnecessary chemical for you to ingest. Our  system removes all Chloramine and is necessary even for homes that already have a chlorine filter. Our exclusive Sulfaban filter is reliable, effective, and a necessary addition to any filtration system where Chloramine is present.

Aeration System
The aeration system specifically targets manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and dissolved iron by transforming these particles so that they are easily filtered out as whenever they reach a standard reverse osmosis filtration system. Without the aeration system, stnadard filters are not able to remove these particles.

Neutralization System
Our Neutralization System corrects pH problems by bringing the pH to a neutral 7. Neither too acidic nor too base for everyday use.