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service vanWe install, repair, and sell water treatment systems, water softeners, water purification and water filtering systems in Union City California. Call Mike for a free water evaluation at 510-240-7372

Our first customer in Union City was referred by a plumber that had just replaced washer and dryer connections in a home. The connections had to be replaced because they had collected considerable mineral deposits due to Union City's notoriously hard water, which when rated by the Alameda County Water District has up to a 10 grain hardness. Excluding outdoor water use that equals 150 pounds of rock moving through the pipes of the home each year for an average family of four. This rock, or hardness, damages pipes, fixtures, appliances, and even clothing.

Want To Know What Is In Your Water? - Free Water Test Union City

H2O testing labHardness is just one of the residual issues found in annual testing and reports by the Alameda County Water District. They also report finding lead, copper, and bromate far above Environmental Protection Agency health goals as well as other containments and chemicals below health goals, but still unnecessary.
If you want to know what is in your water, call us for a free water test. We will come to your home and test the water right out of your faucets. This way you will be fully informed and hopefully we can show you the ways in which you can have completely pure and fresh water, free from hardness and any other contaminants.

BestValue Water Systems - Reliability & Performance

We are authorized representatives for many brands and the world leader in residential water treatment.
Our softeners use a dual tank design that gives you uninterrupted soft water without using any complex control panels, settings or timers. The systems are completely automatic and do not use electricity. The dual tank design provides superior reliability over traditional systems.
This is because most water softener failure is due to damage that occurs while the system regenerates and cleans itself. The damage is caused by untreated hard water that is used during the process. Traditional systems use untreated water because they are not able to soften the water and regenerate simultaneously, therefore they use damaging hard water. Our systems have two treatment tanks. With this design one tank treats the water that the other tank uses for cleaning and regeneration. Therefore never exposing the system to the harshness of hard water.
This dual tank design delivers industry leading reliability and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Our competition struggles to maintain there standard 2-3 year warranty.

The Best Drinking Water Filtration & Softening Possible

Water softening is the removal of dissolved rock from your water. Hardness is measured in grains and our water softeners remove all hardness, delivering zero grain water for the protection of your home, clothing and appliances.
In addition to softening, water needs to be purified from the other contaminants that the Alameda County Water District admits they leave in your water. Purification entails several distinct processes all of which are included in our systems. One of these processes is reverse osmosis. This is the same process that most water filters use, but the results are not always equal. Our water purification products eliminate more contaminants than the competition whenever tested by third party rating agencies.

We Repair Any Make, Model, or Brand Softener or Water System

We have 20+ years experience in the water treatment industry and we have worked with every system made. If you are having any issues or problems with your water treatment system, call us. Our professional and fully trained staff is always ready to do whatever is necessary for you to once again have reliable pure water.

Water Treatment and Water Softeners Union City CA

As part of the East Bay Tri-City area Union City encompasses 19.5 square miles and was incorporated in 1959 by uniting the Alvarado and Decoto communities. The city has 69,516 residents that live in 20,433 households. The entire city gets its water supply from the Alameda County Water District.
The water is treated in a Blending Facility that combines water from the Niles Cone Water basin, water purchased from San Francisco, and water from underground wells in the nearby Peralta/Tyson Mowry Wellfields. Each of these water sources on their own contain unique levels of hardness and contaminants, with the blended water, after treatment, being left with many other chemicals that are just below public health goals for treated water.