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Water Softeners, Filtration and Treatment in Fairfield, CA

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We sell and service water treatment, softener systems and purification filters in Fairfield CA. Fairfield has very hard contaminated water.

To confirm this, the Water Division of the City of Fairfield Public Works Department issues a water quality report that shows city residents are using water that is not only rated from hard to extremely hard, but it also contains contamination levels above Public Health Goals set by the Environmental Protection Agency of California for lead, bromate and residual soil runoff.

These levels above Public Health Goals are in addition to the wide array of other contaminants and chemicals that is left in the water because it is considered “good enough”. At Water Softeners Fairfield we do not think you should be exposed to anything but pure soft water.

Give us a call today for a free water test and you will be met by a water quality expert who can show you how you can have pure water.


Water Treatment Systems

dual tank non electric filtersAs a local company we rely upon satisfied customers and this is why we spend countless hours researching water and water filtration system technology. As a result of this research it was clear over the years that our water systems offered the best and most reliable water softeners and water filtering systems available.

Our systems do not use electricity, are simple to use, and include a 10-year warranty, three to five times longer than the competition. The core to this reliability is the non electric dual tank system. The non electric system eliminates all settings, timers, and valves that can malfunction and the dual tanks produce uninterrupted zero grain water.

This is critical because softener malfunction is typically related to a system regenerating and cleaning itself using untreated water. A softener cannot regenerate itself and treat the water it is using for regeneration at the same time. With dual tanks our systems treat the water with one tank while the other tank is regenerating. This means that at no time will your system be exposed to the life shortening effects of hard water.

Saving Money and Time - Custom Solutions

Using custom systems allows us to save you money as their broad product line of affordable water treatment systems allows you to only purchase a system that addresses your specific water quality issues. There are dozens of possible water issues in any given city and home. As a result while one system fits all competitors try to address something for everyone, We have a specific system allowing you to save money by not having to pay for features you do not need.

You will also save money with Water Softeners Fairfield on water, electricity, and salt. Our non electric systems are powered by water flow saving money on electricity. They are also fully automatic so they only regenerate when necessary, not on a set schedule. Therefore if your water use is low or you are away from home the system is not wasting salt and water by prematurely regenerating.

You save time and effort with our systems because they do not have any settings, timers and dials that you have to regularly monitor. This is a typical complaint with traditional softeners. Most people do not want to hassle with a water system, they simply want it to work. This is another problem with traditional softeners that you will not have with ours. Traditional softeners force you to know when it is regenerating so that you do not use your water. Our systems deliver uninterrupted soft water 24 hours per day because if one tank is regenerating, the other is fully capable of delivering any volume of water you demand.

Contact Us For A Free Water Test

in home testing

When you contact us we will want to meet with you and test your water before discussing a specific solution.

This is because water quality, even if within a single city, varies dependent upon the pipes that the water travels through to your home.

With a free water test, an on-site inspection, and a discussion with you we can show you a low cost way to purify and soften your water.

The Need for Water Softeners in Fairfield Ca

out testing certificationNamed after Clippership Captain Robert H Waterman's hometown in 1859, Fairfield is home to Travis air force base and located at a midpoint to Sacramento and San Francisco along Interstate 80 and Highway 12 in California. With the Napa Valley, Benecia, and Carquinez bridge just minutes away.

The water supply for Fairfield's more than 108 thousand residents and 34,184 housing units is provided solely by the City of Fairfield Department of Public Works. This water is originated from Lake Berryessa and the Sacramento Delta and even though treated at the Fairfield Waterman and North Bay Regional Water Treatment Plants it leaves those plants and travels through an aging pipe system to your home.

Fairfield is the county seat for Solano County and as such has the County as one of its largest employers behind the dominance of Travis Air Force Base. Other notable employers are Jelly Belly, Sutter Medical, and Westamerica Bank.

Fairfield was originally occupied by the Suisun Indians and even though the were overrun by the Mexican General Vallejo the Chief of the Suisun joined forces in cooperation with the General in later conflicts. The partnership worked so well that Mexico granted the land to Chief Sem Yeto. The history of how that grant found its way into the hands of Captain Waterman is unclear.

What Is Hard Water and Why Should I Care?

dirty pipesHard water contains dissolved rock, the harder the water, the more rock it contains. Fairfield has water that is rated by the United States Geological Survey and the Water Quality Association as being hard to very hard. According to the City of Fairfield the hardness level of their water is 137ppm.

This means that for every member of your home, if you use an average amount of water and excluding outdoor use, you have over 120 pounds of rock moving through you pipes, appliances, and fixtures each year. For a family of three that amounts to 360 pounds annually, nearly 1 pound per day.

As this dissolved rock travels through your pipes it gather on couplings, in moving parts of faucets, and gradually clogs your appliances and hot water heater. In addition to this, think of the water you drink and how your skin must suffer under this constant and unnecessary bombardment.

This is why it is important to call us to test the water in your home. Using the test results we can recommend a solution that will give you continuous and abundant zero grain water.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems - Reverse Osmosis

reverse osmosis filters

According to the City of Fairfield your water also contains several contaminants. Some of these, like lead, are far above the California EPA Public health goals. Water filtering systems use Reverse Osmosis to purify your water at your home where no level of contaminants is acceptable when it relates to your health.

A simple description of reverse osmosis is that water is placed into a tank and pressure fed through a filter, sometimes called a membrane, to purify the water at a molecular level. The level of purity attained through reverse osmosis is dependent upon the quality of the filter used.

This is important because not all reverse osmosis systems are alike. We offer an affordable high quality filter that is specifically designed for the reverse osmosis system that results in water purity levels far above the industry average.

Any Brand Service and Repair

We are called upon daily to repair and service water treatment systems from manufacturers. If you need service or repair on your system please contact us.

There are many reason a system can break down or not function properly. From hardness collecting on valves and fittings to simple electrical or control panel malfunction. We have encountered, serviced, and repaired every type of system made and we can approach the problem as experts in the industry.

This experience is critical in water softener service and repair because it allows us examine problems with already knowing how your system is designed and the ways in which we successfully repaired the same problem on the same system for another customer. This makes the solution more affordable, quicker, and hassle free.

Call us anytime to discuss your problems, issues, or concerns. We are always ready and available to help.

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