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Water softener system Vallejo

Water Softeners and Filtering Systems in Vallejo, CA

water filters vallejo-by Jane Cook  5/17/2021

The benefits of using a water softener

If you’ve got hard water or sensitive skin, you probably want to know about water softeners. Water softeners help to reduce the amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron in your water. They can also make your skin less itchy or dry, and they minimize limescale build-up on your faucets.

The benefits of using a filtering system

How much water do you drink? If you follow the old rule of eight glasses per day, it is about 64 ounces or a half gallon. If you get most of this from water bottles, you are drinking roughly 3-4 bottles each day. For this example, let us assume it is just 2 per day and the rest you get from the dreaded tap.

At 2 bottles per day, you are not only paying a minimum of $0.50 per bottle, more likely a $1 or more, but you are also paying 5¢ in California Redemption Value (CRV) per bottle. Most of us never consider the CRV, but that is why that 20 pack of bottles costs you a lot more to buy than the price listed at the store.

So if you are using 2 bottles per day, you are spending 10¢ in CRV per day, which comes to $3 per month, just for the CRV. For that same price, just the amount you are losing in CRV, you could have over 50 gallons of pure water delivered right to your kitchen, and remember, at 8 glasses per day, you only need 15 gallons each month. So for the same amount of money you are spending on CRV alone, you could provide a family of 3 with pure water for an entire month.

So what are we doing spending so much on water? Is it because advertising has made us believe it is healthier than using at-home water filters in Vallejo? If that is the case, then the marketer's has sold us a lie. Bottled water is not nearly as pure as using water filters in Vallejo at 7¢ per gallon. In fact, water filtering at home produces healthier water than even the most expensive of bottled waters.

I know all of this, especially the math, is a lot to take in and believe, but facts are facts. Using water filters in Vallejo is cheaper and, at the same time, far healthier than any other alternative. That is why I recently decided to take action and install a high-quality water filtration system. I simply could not ignore the facts. Best of all, we offer free water testing, a $79 value.

With a 10yr. warranty, it was an easy choice.

May 27, 2013 - Jenny Thomas, Vallejo

What an incredible and informative experience we had deciding what system to purchase. We decided on using BestValue Softening equipment due to their knowledge and fantastic presentation. Our water is essential to us. We needed a system that would last and keep delivering healthy, clean, and soft water over the years. They installed everything and guaranteed their work and their products. It came down to trust, and they were the clear winner.