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San Ramon California area water softeners, water treatment systems, filters and purifying equipment sold, installed & repaired to create pure clean drinking water. Best of all we offer free water testing, a $79 value.


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San Ramon Water Softeners is your area expert in water quality. We know that clean, abundant, pure water is important to you. We can show you how to take your current contaminated East Bay Utility District (EBUD) water and transform it so you can enjoy all of the health and money saving benefits of perfectly pure water.

Every day the EBUD only filters your water to the mandated minimum standards, which do not address hardness, and then they add chemicals like Chloramines that can be extremely harmful. The Ammonia from Chloramines attacks the copper pipes and draws the lead from the solder and introduces it into your water supply. This in turn introduces lead carcinogens into your water. The chemicals are added so that the water can fight against additional contamination over its long trip to your home and they represent a harshness that is not necessary at your home.

From the city treatment plant the water must travel over 11 miles in decade's old pipes to eventually reach your home.

Why should you leave chemicals and contaminants in your water when it is simple and affordable to remove dissolved mineral solids and purify your water as you use it?

Having to accept residual contaminants, hardness, and added chemicals is not acceptable to many residents who know that they can easily have perfectly pure water.
Call us today and you will reach an experienced water quality expert that has handled water challenges for years in the San Ramon area and who will talk with you about your needs, concerns, and questions.

Free Water Quality Test at Your Home

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While we know all about the water EBUD is bringing to San Ramon, the most important thing understands the water at your home that comes out of your faucets. This is why we always offer a 100 percent Free No Obligation water test at your home.

Testing your water allows us to talk with you about your specific challenges. Without the test we can only speak in generalities about what is common to San Ramon and yet it is possible that your home has challenges unique to the area. The free test ensures that any recommended water softener or purifier solution will be designed just for you and exceeds your expectations in performance.

Save Money Using our Water Softeners and Water Purifiers

As a local business San Ramon Water Softeners is dependent upon a reputation is built on having satisfied customers. Knowing this we decided early on that we would only offer the best water treatment solutions at the lowest possible prices to our customers. Anything less would risk dissatisfaction and our reputation.

We only use products that are generations ahead in design and technology over the competition. Claims like this are made too often by many companies, but in the water quality industry, everyone knows we are the best.

We are the only dual tank non-electric water softener that will bring you zero grain water 24 hours per day 7 days a week without interruption. If you are not in the water quality industry that sentence may not seem impressive, but it is because the competition cannot deliver water uninterrupted, what they deliver has grains (dissolved solids) even in their softened water, and their systems all waste money because they use electricity.

Using our system saves money because it does not use electricity and saves money on supplies because its dual tank technology not only reduces regeneration cycles, saving money on salt and water, but also never requires a downtime, something necessary with all other softener systems.

Water Softeners in San Ramon CA

San Ramon has over 22 thousand households with more than 72,000 residents located in its namesake San Ramon Valley within Contra Costa County. Of these, all are served their water through the Walnut Creek water treatment plant operated by the East Bay Municipal Utility District. The supply is sourced primarily from the Sierra Nevada and managed through the Urban Water Management Plan.

The primary business center is Bishop Ranch Business Park. Bishop Park is considered to be Central San Ramon, located southeast of Freeway 680 and Crow Canyon Road and is home to the world headquarters for Chevron, West Coast headquarters for AT&T, and includes a large regional United Parcel Service distribution center.

Next to Bishop Park as an employment destination, the primary points of interest are Old Ranch Park, Forest Home Farms Historic Site, Crow Canyon Gardens, and the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness which has 5342 acres of at times rugged and remote wilderness to enjoy for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The water demand in San Ramon has increased rapidly since the year 2000 from which time the population will soon double from its year 2000 level of 44 thousand, to over 72 thousand as of 2010. This population explosion along with increasing burdens placed by Bishop Park Business Park and the future planned downtown will put pressure on EBMUD to deliver more water than ever, placing additional strain on its ability to deliver water at its current minimal standard quality.

Should the city of San Ramon grow enough EBMUD could be forced to source more water from underground sources, a move which will increase the hardness of its water.

What Good Is A Water Softener?

corroded pipeHard water is when it contains dissolved solids like limestone. These dissolved solids are measured in “grains”, hence when you hear that our system delivers industry leading zero grain water, you know that it has removed all hardness from the water. Hard water is found in San Ramon as well as countless other cities across the nation.

Hard water is evidenced by a buildup within your plumbing pipes, on faucet spouts, and by build-up in hot water heaters, and appliances. This build up shortens the life of each of these, decreases their efficiency costing more in electricity to operate, and leads to them needing more repairs than normal.

Hard water is also a detriment to clothing and your skin as you wash and shower. In fact, examine the label on any detergent and you will see that most of the ingredients are designed to soften the water during cleaning. When you have zero grain water, you will save a lot of money on soap because you no longer have to buy detergent with softeners. For skin, hard water dries it, leading to you needing more moisturizers and premature aging.

With non-electric softening systems you eliminate the dissolved mineral rocks from your water and can not only save money on soap, enjoy increased performance from your appliances, and save money on electricity but you will also know that you are no longer drinking dissolved rock and you are giving your skin and body the best possible water.

Water Purification and Reverse Osmosis

Purification is also handled with a similar system and is a process separate from water softening. Under most circumstances purification is only critical for drinking water whereas softening affects everything from appliances and plumbing to your skin and body.

The BestValue water purifier processes all water through a process known as reverse osmosis. In simple terms, reverse osmosis uses a very inexpensive method of removing all contaminants and elements within water that make it substandard and less than ideal for your health.

The process itself uses forced H2O through special filters that are incorporated into the system based on the quality of your water, as determined by your free at home water test. Reverse Osmosis is not only the most effective method of purification but it is also inexpensive.

Call us today and we can set up a time where we can meet you at your home and give you a free no obligation water quality test. The results of this test will allow you to see for yourself the challenges you face and give you the information necessary to make a smart decision in choosing to make your water pure, clean, and perfect for hydration and health.

Softener Repair & Service

equipment repair

Throughout San Ramon there are many residents that have existing water softening systems that need repair or service.
We are experts in existing water softener and filtration system repair from all manufactures.

Non-BestValue systems are prone to problems because they have complex settings, dials, and computers as well as a built in obsolescence because they use hard water to regenerate, all problems which are avoided by design with our systems due to the non-electric nature and the fact that they do not have dials or computers, and only use soft water for regeneration.

Rest assured that when you call us we can get your existing system repaired and working again. We are familiar with all systems from each water softener manufacturer. Beyond experience we bring the added benefit of industry wide contacts, so we know we can get affordable replacement parts for any system if necessary.

On each service call we will also reset the settings on your system to make certain it is working at maximum efficiency. We will also examine the other parts of your system and talk to you about preventative maintenance and help you see where future problems may be developing in order to fix them proactively, avoiding future repairs.

Call us for any water softener repair. We are passionate about our business and there is no system that we have not repaired in the past and with this successful experience, you can have confidence in knowing that your system is being worked on by an expert.