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local service vanWe serve Pleasanton California by providing water softeners, water treatment systems, filters and purifying equipment sold, installed & repaired to create pure clean drinking water.
The City of Pleasanton has extremely hard water.

According to the City's own annual report, the hardness averages more than twice the United States National Geological Survey (USGS) level and this hardness damages everything it touches including your plumbing, appliances, clothing, shower doors, and dishes. In addition to this, out of samples taken by the City, the average lead in the water is more than 20 times the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) public health targets and over two times over the CalEPA target for Copper.

 City treatment plants are now adding dangerous chemicals like Chloramine to your water. This is an extremely harmful chemical  because it contains Ammonia. It's not only bad to drink but when you take hot showers it turns into a vapor and causes respiratory problems.

Pleasanton is a great city for many reasons, but all residents should use a water softener and water treatment system to ensure access to pure, soft, safe, and healthy water.
We specialize in bringing this to Pleasanton CA residents. Call us to get a free in-home test so that you can see exactly what is in your water.

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testing residential tap water

While high hardness is well known throughout Pleasanton, the level of other contaminants, including the chemicals the plant adds, is related to the pipes it travels through to get to your home and the pipes in your home itself.

This is why we offer a free test to any resident interested in knowing everything about their water. Once a test is complete, then a water filtration system solution can be suggested that will completely reduce all contaminates. Call us today. A friendly professional will meet with you at your home, perform the test, and discuss the results at no cost to you.

Water Softeners - Reliability Without Compromise

We are a local water filtration system company that takes pride in customer satisfaction. This can only be accomplished by offering excellent service and selling superior products that are reliable and perform well. This is the reason we chose long ago to become the area representative for BestValue Water Systems. BestValue Water Systems carries the finest and most reliable water products in the world. No softener on the market can perform better than our non-electric zero grain soft water systems that never need time set aside for cleaning or regeneration.

dual tank system

Reliability is a problem with many softeners and it is the reason why most companies only offer a 2-3 year warranty. The common cause for system breakdowns is due to the valves, motor, or pipes being exposed to hardness. Traditional systems have one tank that softens, this tank needs to regularly cycle through a cleaning and regeneration process and because the system only has one tank, it cannot perform this regular cycle and soften at the same time. Therefore the entire system is exposed to the damaging effects of hard water.

Our systems are designed with two tanks and with two tanks one tank can treat the water while the other cleans and regenerates. It is a simple solution to protect the reliability of the system. In addition to two tanks none of our systems use electricity, have control panels, or complex timers. They are entirely automatic and powered by the flow of water and therefore do not have a motor. By eliminating these complex parts, we add to our reliability and yet we still have a zero grain solution. Call us and let us show you how our advanced yet simple water filtering systems lead to increased reliability and are backed by a full 10-year warranty.

What Is Hard Water?

clogged pipes

Water that contains a high level of dissolved rock is considered hard. Not only due to the rock content, but also because it is hard on your appliances, plumbing, clothing, and anything else it touches. As hard water is used the tiny dissolved rock particles begin to collect and eventually solidify which creates damage wherever it collects. This includes the inner workings of appliances, moving faucet parts, and it is particularly hard on clothing.

Hardness is measured by using grains per gallon with each grain per gallon equaling 15 pounds of rock per year that runs through the pipes of a home for the average family of four, excluding outdoor use. The United States Geological Survey has a hardness scale that shows anything above 10 grains per gallon is extremely hard. Pleasanton averages 20 grains per gallon and tops at 34 grains per gallon. That is amazingly hard. You can have all of this hardness removed, down to perfect water at zero grains. Simply call us and let us show you how our softeners will stop your water from damaging your home.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems - Reverse Osmosis

reverse osmosis diagram

Eliminating hardness is one step within a process of overall water filtering for purification. Depending on the contaminants found, we will design a custom solution that will give you abundant on-demand purity. Custom solutions are necessary for any water challenge and they are more affordable than offering prepackaged solutions that force you to pay for features that are not necessary.

The most common method of purification is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a scientific term for a special pressurized filtering process using a membrane as a filter. The important thing to know when buying a reverse osmosis purification system is that not all systems are the same, purity is related to the quality of water filters used in the process.

Year after year in independent third party tests our reverse osmosis purifiers produce a far higher level of purity than our competition we accomplish this with advanced engineering and high quality water filters.

Our line of filtration products is catered to the specific issues, once we perform your free test we will know the exact system needed. Beyond reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems can include carbon water filters to remove chlorine and organic contaminants, ultraviolet light systems for complete sterilization, and other water filtering methods dependent upon need.

Water Softener Repair and Service For All Brands

repairing a residential system

We are the experts in service and repair for any model and brand of softener or filter system in Pleasanton. We have been in this business for more than twenty years and we have worked with nearly every system ever made.

We have made it our mission to make certain that we can successfully service any system and we will do everything possible to bring yours back to working at its maximum capacity. With our years of experience you know that when you call us for service or repair, the technician coming to fix the problem will have likely fixed the same problem for the same system before.

This is important because nothing matches hands on experience with solving a problem to make certain that the problem is fixed for the lowest cost and fixed right the first time. There is no need to call a technician that will be experimenting with what they think will fix the problem, when you can call us and have someone that knows the solution.

Water Softeners Pleasanton CA

downtown pleasanton ca

First established in 1894 Pleasanton California is an Alameda County city and considered a suburb within the San Francisco area. It holds the distinction of being named by the United States Census Bureau as the wealthiest middle sized city in the nation. Home to the headquarters of Safeway, Ross Stores, and the Blackhawk network Pleasanton has among its largest employers the Oracle Corporation and Kaiser Permanente.

The current city name is a misspelling of the original name Pleasanton, named after Union Army Cavalry Major General Alfred Pleasanton. All of the 70,418 residents live in 25,245 households spread across zip codes 94566 and 94588. The city has a very low crime rate and unemployment in 2012 was at 4.7 percent compared to the California state rate of 10.4 percent. Water for Pleasanton is provided by the City Water Division located at 3333 Busch Road. Eighty percent is purchased from the Tri-Valley Zone 7 Agency with the remaining 20 percent sourced from city owned groundwater wells.

The hardness is extremely high, topping the charts with an average of more than twice the accepted classification of very hard. In addition to a long list of contaminants and chemicals the City leaves in and adds to the water, tests show that levels of lead and copper are far above California EPA targets and microbial containments can be present.

All of these problems can easily be handled with a proper filtration system. There is no need to have anything but pure clean water in your home. With this you are then left to enjoy the many other attractions of Pleasanton, including the weekly Farmer's Market, the Alameda County Fair, Friday Concerts in the Park, The Firehouse Arts Center, and the summers' First Wednesday celebrations.

Other attractions to the City include Pleasanton Ridge regional park and an excellent educational system that includes Amador Valley High School and Foothill High School, both ranked within the Top 400 High Schools in the United states by Newsweek.