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Serving Stockton California with sales, installation, and repair for water softeners, water filtration systems, purification and water filtering equipment. Everything you need to have pure clean water, on demand, at your home or office. Call us at 209-438-4833.

Having served Stockton, CA for over twenty years we understand the challenges you face. Depending on where you live in Stockton you either get your water from CalWater, the city's Municipal Utilities Department or your own private well. CalWater and the Municipal Utilities Department annually report that the supply they deliver to you has dissolved rock (hardness) levels at hard and extremely hard, as determined by the National Geological Survey, as well as various other contaminants within their annual reports. These reports also show that levels of Arsenic, Barium, Uranium, and Manganese far exceed California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) public health goals. Private well quality varies by location.

There is no need for you to sacrifice your health to excessive levels of arsenic and other contaminants or your home, appliances, and plumbing to the ravages of hard water when you can call us and have affordable solution.

When you call us and we will come to your home, give you a free water test to evaluate the quality of your water, talk to you about your concerns and then recommend a solution. As area representatives for all water systems, the world leader in reliable water filtering systems, you can rest assured that any recommended solution will reliably provide you with the highest quality and purest water possible.

How Does The Free Water Test Help?

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The free test is critical in evaluating your specific needs. When it comes to water filtering, there are specific processes that address and remove certain contaminants. Once we perform the test, we can understand precisely how to design a custom money saving system that will both purify and remove all hardness. The advantage of a custom designed system is you only spend money on what you need. Competing systems or ones from big box retailers attempt to address every possible need without doing any single one very well, forcing you to pay for features you do not need. Custom systems allow you to eliminate the unnecessary and at the same time make accessing the best available methods for addressing the needs you do have, affordable.

Industry Leading Reliability - Our 10 Year Warranty

best softener system awardOur water systems come with a 10-year full warranty, far beyond the industry standard of 3 years. We can do this because we have built reliability into the design. As an example, the typical water softener fails due to electrical problems, control panel problems, improper settings, or because of the hardness the systems are forced to use during self cleaning and regeneration.

With our systems we do not use electricity, do not have complex control panels nor timers, settings are set by our trained professionals so you never have to worry if you are doing the right thing, and our unique dual tank design keeps hardness from ever touching the internal mechanisms that make the system work. We do all of this and still deliver perfect results with zero hardness.

The dual tank design has many benefits. When one tank is regenerating, the other is providing the softening for the process. This same advantage allows for uninterrupted service. Most softeners require a down time for cleaning and regeneration, during this downtime you are not expected to use your water so that you do not expose your home to damage. This means that you are living around the schedule of your softener. With our dual tank systems, one tank will always provide you with treated water, even if the other is cleaning itself. Our systems do not require you to ever set a timer, remember time schedules, or involve yourself in their automatic process of providing you with the best results possible.

Stockton CA Water Softeners

Stockton is the San Joaquin County seat and located along Interstate-5, State Route 4, and State Route 99. Stockton is home to more than 291,707 residents and 90,605 households. The city itself is rich in history starting with the original Miwok Indian inhabitants, to becoming one of the largest cities in the state during the California Gold Rush, to the Port of Stockton and the Rough and Ready Island military base. The city also gave rise to Benjamin Holt who revolutionized farming worldwide with what eventually became Caterpillar Tractor.

Over the years Stockton has had good and bad times with major revitalization projects that were most recently made during the 1990's. These included the Lexington Plaza Waterfront Hotel, the Bob Hope Theater, and the Regal City Centre Cinemas and IMAX.

As a delta port city there is abundant surface water to supply the City's Municipal Utilities District and CalWater, but both agencies still source over 25% of their supply from underground wells. These wells are the primary source of hardness that impacts all city residents. This impact, unlike in many other cities, is not mitigated by any treatment for hardness performed. The agencies already battle countless chemical and natural contaminants from surrounding farmland pesticides to contaminated Sacramento river water that flows into the delta.

Stockton has many current attractions to residents and it will undoubtedly rebound in the future. The University of the Pacific (UOP) continues to be a noteworthy private university and as the economy recovers San Joaquin County, as the city's largest employer, will reinvest into the city as will St. Josephs Medical Center, Diamond Foods, and OG Packing, other large employers. With this investment the current 99,637 housing units should see growth in value and with that more development supported by additional economic activity. The temporary lull with the Stockton bankruptcy will leave the city in better shape that other California cities as it reigns in spending and sets up fiscal management. While other cities will struggle to maintain the status quo, Stockton can thrive forward.

With growth there will also be increased infrastructure growth and dependence on groundwater wells. This groundwater, while not treated for hardness by the local agencies, can be affordably treated at you home.

Why Should I Care About Hard Water?

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Hard water contains dissolved rock. This rock is very small, but over time it collects in your faucets and plumbing. It also decreases the efficiency and life expectancy of your plumbing and home appliances. Rock you cannot see may seem harmless, but with Stockton's hardness as high as 15 grains per gallon and averaging 11 grains per gallon there is a lot of rock running through the pipes of each home.

With 11 grains per gallon hardness a family of four will use enough water each year, where if all the rock particles were combined they would equal 165 pounds of solid rock. That excludes outdoor use. That rock collects in pipes and damages the way that faucets and your plumbing operate.

Hardness also affects your the way you use your washing machine. If you look at the label on laundry detergents you will see many ingredients listed for the sole purpose of softening the water. These chemicals are necessary because detergents only work well in soft water. When you have a water softener you will no longer need to buy overpriced detergents that have these chemical softeners, which is better for the environment and cheaper on your wallet.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems - Reverse Osmosis

Purification is not the same as softening. Purification refers to the removal of contaminants within such as lead, nitrates, arsenic, chlorine and the dozens of other common contaminants. Some of these are actually added by your agency treatment facilities to protect against biological and organic elements entering the supply as it travels through the city's infrastructure system to your home, but once it arrives at your home it is best to remove all bad elements and contaminants.. Purification through a water filtration system removes all of these chemicals and leaves you with the healthy pure water.

The most common method of purification uses a process called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis pushes water through water filters with the goal of filtering out all contaminants. As a water filtering process it is very effective, but the results are in direct correlation to the quality of water filters used. Our water filtering systems use extremely high quality re-usable filters that produce water that is 33 percent more pure than the average of other water treatment and purification systems in the industry.

Water Softener - Water Filter Repair and Service - Any Manufacturer

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Water filter repair and softener repair is a large part of our business. This is because we have been in the industry for more than 20 years and therefore customers know that we have worked on every system made and encountered every problem imaginable.

This means that we have the experience necessary to handle any problem you have. We leverage this experience to make certain your water filtration system or softener will once again work at its maximum potential. Having years in the industry we have also built the connections necessary to get hard to find replacement parts, a critical factor in some repairs.

If you are having any trouble with your system or simply feel it is not working at optimal performance, give us a call. Many systems are very sensitive and we can oftentimes make the difference with a quick service call in getting you back to having pure soft water.