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BestValue Water Softeners, Filtration and Treatment in Dublin, CA

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We sell, service, and repair water softeners, filtration systems and purifiers in Dublin, CA. When you call us you will reach an expert who has years of experience with water treatment systems from every different manufacturer and who can help you solve any water quality problem you have. Call Mike today for a free water evaluation at 925-397-0945

I'm sure you've been amazed of the wide variety of technologies available and performance claims. It seems like there is some new gadget that promises to be a better alternative than traditional technologies and deliver better water quality with little to no maintenance like attaching magnets to your pipes or wrapping wires around them.

Our business is to ensure you have fresh, soft, clean water. We accomplish this by first gathering information through testing your untreated water, then by talking with you about your water quality concerns and observations, and then taking this information and combining it with our knowledge of the problems common to the water provided by your water company, the Zone 7 Water Agency. All of this is then used to design a specific water filtration system that meets your needs.

We do this for every customer to make certain that any system installation, repair or maintenance is completed with the proper specification water filters, parts, and settings necessary to properly soften and filter your water.

Call us today and discover for yourself how our friendly customer focused water experts are ready to serve you at 925-397-0945, ask for Mike.

We will be happy to test your water for free

The first step in identifying a water quality solution is to determine the problem and the first step in determining the problem is to test your water. We can make educated assumptions given our experience in your area and with Zone 7 Water, but nothing is more valuable than the results from our free on-site testing. That is how we determine the problem with absolute certainty. This is why there is no charge for us to come to you and perform our own testing. We want to have as much information as we can before we recommend a solution.

There is never an obligation for this free test and the results are crucial for us to make certain we do everything possible for you to have great tasting and healthy soft water.

Save Money With Custom Water Treatment solutions

With our exclusive line of products we can achieve custom solutions that cost less because we are your local authorized and trained representative for most major brands. Our systems are not only the best on the market, they are also engineered to address specific hard water problems at the lowest cost to every customer.

Offering the highest quality water systems at the lowest cost is accomplished through advanced engineering and design that focuses on keeping each system simple and without extra parts, filters, or processes that are not necessary to fix your water problems. Our company has a broad product line, with specific models that are designed for specific needs. This ensures you do not have to pay for unnecessary extras. With competing manufacturers you end up paying for systems that are the “closest match” or “closest fit” for you, always forcing you to pay for added features that do not improve your water. Find out how to get even More Savings by calling us at PHONE.

Our water softeners continue to save you money long after their initial installation. The first thing you may notice about many of our water treatment systems is that they are powered by the kinetic energy of water and do not require electricity, thus saving you money monthly.

The second thing you may notice is that these same systems have two tanks. By using two tanks our systems do not have to regenerate on a set schedule. While other softeners routinely regenerate whether they are used or not, our systems only regenerate when necessary. When one tank is in use, the other regenerates. Water and salt are used during regeneration, therefore with fewer regeneration cycles you save money on water and salt.

Our products offer Added Conveniences

Just as our dual tank design saves money, they also are more convenient to use. While other systems require you to regularly set timers and adjust settings for regeneration, the dual tank systems regenerate automatically. Saving you the hassle of having to be involved in your water softeners daily operation.

This is particularly convenient when you realize that you never have to worry if you are using water during system downtime to allow for regeneration, a concern for any owner of a single tank system.

Our water softening and filtering systems will always be ready to deliver pure soft water on demand, from one of its tanks, freeing you to live as you please, on any schedule, never concerning yourself that you may be using your water at the wrong time.

Water Softener Repair is our specialty

Over the years there have been countless different systems sold by various manufacturers, each of whom has changed their engineering and design repeatedly under the guise of always having a “new and improved” product.

This has lead to systems that oftentimes have numerous extra valves, pipes, and features that make them overly complex and with each extra part they add, less reliable. From the brine tank through to the electrical wiring and water pipes coming to and from the system, we have the experience to make any needed repairs. At the same time we will also check the rest of your system, including settings, to ensure that your system is optimized to your needs.

The importance of calling a quality professional cannot be overstated. With the high level of variation between systems, repair and service requires an expert with hands-on experience to ensure each repair is completed properly the first time and that any preventative maintenance or issues are identified early to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

We know water systems, they are our business. It is our passion to provide every customer with pure soft water. When you call on us for water softener repair, you can have confidence in that repair, knowing that you have chosen the right professionals.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems - Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a hyper-filtration water purification process that uses a cell membrane water filter to remove impurities at the ion level. It is the most common, affordable, and effective method of water filtration. Quality reverse osmosis processes remove up to 99 percent of biological, organic and minerals that are found in water. High quality reverse osmosis systems are used in many of our water filtration systems.

The reverse osmosis purification process occurs when water is forced through a special semi permeable membrane with the water on one side having a different concentration than the water found on the other side. This pressurized flow moves from high concentration to low concentration, with the low being the water without contaminants.

This entire process takes advantage of the natural tendency for water to reach a solute equilibrium. By separating two different concentrations of water with a special filter the water will attempt to reach equilibrium, but find itself restricted by the flow allowed through the filter. When pressure is applied to the contaminated water, the only water that passes through the filter is equal to the pure water on the other side.

Dublin has moderately hard water and needs our expertise

The city of Dublin, located in the East Bay Area of San Francisco North of I-580 where it intersects with I-680 in Alameda County, has over 46 thousand residents and close to 10 thousand households that are all served with municipal water from the Zone 7 Water Agency. While the US Government is the largest employer in the City, Dublin is also home to Carl Zeiss Meditec, SAP AG, Arlin Ness, and Medley Health.

The Zone 7 delivery system sourced from both surface and well water. While the surface water sources provide moderately hard water, the well sources are even harder. Due to the fact that the Zone 7 Water Agency mixes both sources together prior to delivery, you will find hard water throughout the City. From the Downtown district through to the East Dublin Shops at Waterford and Fallon Sports Park.

Into the foreseeable future Dublin is likely to have increasingly harder water as less surface water is sourced from the Delta and more from underground wells. This is primarily due to added environmental regulations throughout the Delta designed to protect the Delta Smelt. These regulations have severely restricted access to Delta water and are likely to restrict it more into the future.

Dublin is a dynamic small city. There are always events being hosted by the Dublin Parks and Community Services Department throughout the year. One particular well attended event hosted by the Dublin Host Lions Club is the Saint Patrick's parade and Festival which attracts tourists from throughout Alameda County with both a parade as well as a weekend long fair with entertainment.

The Zone 7 Water Agency is located on North Canyons Parkway in Livermore and serves Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore, including the Dougherty Valley. While Dublin has close to 46 thousand residents, the Zone 7 Agency serves over 200,000 residents within their service area.