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Benefits of Installing a Home Water Softener System in Modesto     Water Systems Modesto

water softenersHow are you enjoying your Modesto city supplied water? Do you like the water spots in the shower, on your mirrors, and rings in your toilet? How about the build-up on your faucets and fixtures? Do you even know how much residue is building up inside your plumbing and appliances?

I am asking these questions because all of the above is not “normal”. It is a problem that is found throughout the country, but it is not the way things should be. Water should be pure, it should not leave spots, rings or build-up. Have you ever asked yourself that if my water is just pure water, what is building up and leaving spots? The answer is hardness, more specifically the amount of dissolved rock that is within our water. For a long time I thought that hard water was just a imagined problem, but then I learned that it is simply dissolved rock within the water. This explains the build up on faucets, water spots, and everything else.

Once I learned that hard water is a real problem and that Modesto has hard water, I knew what I needed to do. Get a water softener. Water softeners remove hardness and leave you with water that no longer leaves spots nor build-up and residue on plumbing and faucets. With the simple addition of an affordable home water softener my Modesto water is enjoyable.

I would recommend that you consider a water softening system if for no other reason than that it makes you feel much cleaner after a bath or shower. Since getting the softener I could go on for pages on the benefits I never expected, but for me I think the best was unexpected. With my softener, my clothes no longer fade when washed. It sounds like an odd benefit, but my untreated water was pounding my clothes with dissolved rock, leading to premature fading. Now the soft water allows my laundry detergent to work as designed. For me, saving time and money by not having to replace shirts and pants as often as in the past is a blessing, because I hate shopping.

Consider a water softener, Modesto water is notoriously hard and there is no need to suffer the consequences.- by Jane Cook  5/18/2013

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