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Water purifiers in Modesto - Healthy drinking water for 7¢ a Gal.

Water purifiers in Modesto - Healthy drinking water for 7¢ a Gal Water Systems Modesto

water purifierLooking for a way to save money and stay healthy at the same time? Then maybe it is time you look at your water budget. I know what you are thinking, you do not have a water budget, to which I ask, then how is it that you drink a bottle or two of it each day? Oh, is that your grocery budget? Maybe you should rethink this. Now bare with me, there is math down below, but it ends up saving you about $29 per month so it is worth the read.

First, we already spend money each month on a water bill. We cook with this water, we bathe in it, and we use it to water our plants. Then we go out and buy bottled water to drink, because we feel it is the healthy thing to do and quite frankly, it always tastes better than Modesto tap water. On average, small 20 ounce bottles of water cost over $1 when purchased individually and $0.33 when purchased in different quantities. If you drink 64 ounces of water per day, the recommended eight glasses of eight ounces each, you spend at least $1 per day on bottled water. So each person spends roughly $30 per month on water. Now that sounds like a bill that should have a budget of its own.

What if I told you you could get filtered water in Modesto, right out of your tap, that is healthier than bottled water and you could get it for $0.07 per gallon. That comes out to about $1.05 per month. The best part is that not only will you drink this healthy purified water but you can also cook with it.

The truth is that the bottled water you are drinking is a mistake. It is wasted money for something that is not any more pure than the regular tap water in your home. Of course the bottlers add sodium to make it taste better, but study after study shows that bottled water contains everything from arsenic to chlorine.

You can get a top quality water purification in your home for pennies per day. This is not from the system you buy at Home Depot or filters into a pitcher, I am talking about high quality true water purification. I suggest you eliminate your bottled water expense from your monthly budget and call a local Modesto Water Filtering company who can show you the quality of your current water and how cheap it is to get pure water for far less than you are already spending each month.

Finally, a healthy choice that is less expensive than the alternative. -by Jane Cook  5/8/2013

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