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Water Systems in Modesto – Rough Hair, Skin is harsh looking?  Water Systems Modesto

water systems modestoHow much do all of us spend each year on hair and skin products that provide one special benefit or another? I know I spend money on the basics, but my wife, she spends a lot of money on more specialized products than I can name. All of this in a constant battle against the harshness of age and our environment. Given all of this effort, it is fascinating to me how few consider the impact their water is having on their hair and skin. That is right, have you ever thought that the elements in your water could be inhibiting the effectiveness of your other products? Possibly even making things worse?

The fact is that Modesto water is very hard and filled with dissolved rock. This is because much of our water is sourced from underground wells, when the water filters through rocks from the surface, it picks up a high concentration of rock particles. Unfortunately, unlike some other areas of the country our city does not remove any hardness from the water and sends it right to our homes.

A high quality water system is inexpensive and can remove all hardness from your water. These systems are affordable and specific brands like Kinetico do not require any specialized settings nor electricity to operate.

Soft water is nothing less than amazing they way it interacts with shampoo, conditioners, and your skin. It allows you to discover the true benefits from the products you buy. There is something about the dissolved rock that simply makes skin and hair more harsh, dry, and rough. The treated water makes everything more smooth, silky, and supple. I know it sounds like an over endorsement, but it does make sense. Soft water helps these products absorb into the hair and skin better because it in not inhibited by other particles.

The added benefit to products that work as designed is that you will find you need a lot less than normal for your daily routine. This means you will save a lot of money by buying less products simply because you are using better water.

So next time you are looking at your hair and skin, or wondering why so many products do not work as advertised, consider your water. It may be the problem.
  -by Jane Cook  6/7/2013