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Water Treatment Methods in Northern California

diagram of our water treatment process

Water treatment and water filtration system design is not a one size fits all solution as most of our competitors believe. Water quality issues can vary from home to home even if within the same City.

All water travels through different portions of different public pipes, including the pipes leading to and through your home, before the water is used. All along this path the water can pick up different contaminants in addition to those that your water Agency fails to treat in the first place. The water that is treated has harmful chemicals like Chloramine which can cause respitory problems, skin problems and digestive disorder symptoms.

With the size and experience of our company we are uniquely situated to tackle any water quality issue and our exclusive area partnership with most major brands means that any solution we design will not only be affordable, but more effective and more reliable than what any other company can offer.

The following are some of the standard water treatment methods we employ.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a powerful method of water purification that is used throughout the water purification system industry. It uses a science based method to remove contaminants and dissolved solids from within water through the use of a special water filter membrane.

The process itself is simple with the difference in resulting water purity related directly to the quality of the water filtering membrane. This means that water that has gone through reverse osmosis can still contain contaminants if the filter used is not made to a high enough specification. Our water systems use a special high capacity filter that has not only increases the purity of the water over competing systems, it is also re-usable.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filtration treats the water with a focus on eliminating odors, chlorine, and improving overall taste. We use Carbon filtration within all of our purification systems, not as the only process, but as a step within a series of processes that produces ultra clean and fresh water.

Every Carbon filter has a lifetime filtration capacity and when reached, needs replacement. Our filters have a long life span and are both affordable and very simple to replace.

Water Softening

Water softeners remove dissolved rock particles such as calcium and limestone from your water. Because these solids are dissolved into the water they are very small, but over time they can wreak havoc on your appliances, plumbing, and clothing. In areas with moderately hard water, a typical family of four, using an average amount of water excluding outdoor use, will run more than 105 pounds of rock through their home and appliances each year and many Cities in Northern California have water provided to their homes that rates as hard to very hard, leading to even more rock each year.

We have softeners that remove 100% of the hardness (dissolved rock) from your water.

Other Methods

There are countless other methods and techniques that can be used to treat water, each of which is related to a specific contaminant within the water itself.

If you have any special circumstances, we can design a system that will meet your needs.

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